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Back in 1964, during the height of the American textile mill, William “Billy” Pearlman followed in his father’s footsteps and started a textile jobbing operation. He was having trouble coming up with a name for the company and so he decided to name it after his favorite thing in the world, his Plymouth Valiant. The business grew selling overruns and closeouts from the domestic textile mills.

In 1966 Billy hired a hardworking young man that had just immigrated to the country by the name of Danny Danielian. Danny started with the company unloading trucks and pulling orders, but quickly demonstrated that he had a gift in sales and negotiation. Our father, Danny, worked hard and started buying into the business in 1985. By 1994 Dad owned the company outright.

Right around the time that he bought the company Dad noticed that imports were quickly overtaking the home furnishings market. Seeing the writing on the wall, he decided to venture into the Import business. Gradually he transitioned the company from closeouts to regular running goods.

WhenDad decided to retire in 2001 we stepped in and initiated an overhaul of the company, so that we could make it our own. Today the company continues to progress and grow. Valiant Fabrics has become a multi-faceted converting operation- designing and importing piece goods and finished products for Retailers, Book Jobbers, Party Rental companies, as well as, Furniture, Curtain, Table Top and Bedding Manufacturers.

We’ve strived to instill the philosophy in our organization that the supplier and customer share a partnership. The only way for us to be successful is to have successful customers. Therefore, we make every possible effort to ensure that each customer’s individual needs are met and that every one of our products are of the highest possible quality, guaranteed.

Looking into the future, it is our ambition to promote a culture of social and environmental responsibility. A place that radiates an atmosphere where customers feel valued and that employees feel confident enough to express themselves in their work. Every day we’ll aim to be better then we were the day before.

Jason & Brian Danielian


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